wash the day away

the new a/w collection at supreme dropped yesterday - a couple key pieces for this next season: quilted leather jacket, baseball jacket (i'll stick with mishka on that one), all over tees (eh, what you gonna do), but i'm really feeling these new era hats. supreme has always been hit or miss when it comes to headwear. i think it's pretty obvious that they have the five panel on lock at this point, but some of their new era collabs have left me cold. while i appreciate the sentiment behind the recent public enemy hat, it felt a little heavy handed and wasn't something i would really rock. that's why i love these new joints - clean but unique, the real essence of the supreme brand.

the supremes - you keep me hangin' on

ghostface killah feat. superb - we made it

in flagranti - reputation or notoriety?

the presets - are you the one (van she remix)


i was watching an old episode of punk'd on mtv2 last night, and tommy lee uttered "i feel like i'm in a fellini movie, this is retarded" at one point. i'm pretty sure it's the most cultured reference i've ever heard him make.

i only bring this up because my old college roommate was obsessed with the fact that he once touched tommy lee's leg at a motley crue concert.

new order - touched by the hand of god (biff and memphis remix)



Anonymous said...

Are you sure it was Tommy's leg? And...an old episode of Punkd? Old?

Anonymous said...

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uncle_alex said...

Love your blog, especially the black and white pastoral wallpaper going down the sides - my aunt has this all over her house and it makes me feel right at home.

su said...

in flagranti is criminally ignored, kudu less, so, but still.

fuckin love in flagranti. their live show is pretty sexy too!

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