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as i previously reported, my dad decided that this was the year he was finally going to trek out to burning man. he got back a couple of days ago and filed this report:

We had 1000 to 1500 people dancing each night 9:30 to 8am 4 nights in
a row. Biggest night was with guest djs Freq Nasty and Bass Nectar.
Other guest djs were Dylan, Clark, and Yoshi. Our house djs were DJ
Melee (plays and does bookings at Avalon) and JefrTale (Jeff Taylor).

The crowd was out of control. They wrecked our dance cages by dancing
on them instead of in them (as many as 12 people hanging onto the
outside at once), climbed upside down across the inside of the dome,
and copulated in public. Not that I saw the copulation but one night
there were couplings on the VIP area sofa, on the swinging bed in the
chill dome, and on the hood of the fork lift outside.

- Dad

first rule of throwing a party: if you don't want people to have sex in the middle of the chill out dome, don't put a swinging bed in the chill out dome.


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peter said...

this is hilarious

your girl got dicked by ricky powell