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nerve has an interesting interview up with jayson musson from disco-not-disco faves / contenders for favorite live show of '06 plastic little. here's a short excerpt where musson answers the "novelty rap" charge:

There is definitely a certain amount of humor to it, and because we don't have an agenda, I guess it could be said it's novelty. We don't have a mission statement. We're not here to enlighten people, we're not here to teach, or to fill a voyeuristic need of middle-class folks by telling gritty street tales. When it comes to black music, rap music or jazz, people like to be mystified. If they understand it, they can easily move on to the next thing, so they concede to be mystified. I think that's why jazz was so prominent, because it's just this mind-blowing musical experience. And hip-hop was like that for a while. But we're not trying to mystify anybody. We essentially just want to have fun.

definitely a more compelling explanation than the slapdash "gallery rap" term...i mean really...

plastic little - lovely lady type song

plastic little - miller time

aaron lacrate feat. amanda blank and spank rock - blow

check out the video for upcoming plastic little single "rap o'clock":


nerve also has a piece on girl talk, and greg gillis takes a more direct route for hitting the site's core demo:

I've always been into juxtapositions of really different elements. Things like really overtly sexual rap mixed with clean-cut '70s pop music, stuff like that. You hear a guy rapping about having sex, and it's set over James Taylor. I think it's what makes the music fun.

girl talk - bounce that

girl talk - minute by minute


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