international dateline

equal parts exciting and absurd, i will be making my debut appearance on belgian radio in two hours. i was contacted yesterday by steven from studio brussel about my recap of the soulwax show, and we just did a phone interview from my office. it will be broadcast on the internet at 4:15 pm est here, check it out...!


i'm currently under a strict save-money regime (we'll see how long that lasts!) but if i weren't i would definitely be at this tonight:

not only is home video criminally overlooked, but tiga always puts shit on blast when he mans the decks.

hmmm. maybe i will go to this...

home video - that you might

tiga - far from home (chicken lips dub)

ladytron - flicking your switch

ladytron - the way that i found you



GSB said...

Agreed on the Home Video tip. I love that guys stuff, and NOBODY has heard of 'em. It's so dmna good. Kind of like a nice progression from Hood.

Oh well, thanks for doing this, keep it up!

Anonymous said...

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