tv on the radio - hours

the past few days have been a mix of entertaining out of town guests and nursing a rapidly debilitating flu, but last week i managed to go to both tv on the radio shows. well, i ended up getting a ticket at the last minute for the 17th but ended up having to skip out on most of tvotr's set because my dad was in town for the night. i did catch grizzly bear. i can't remember a single performance that i have been to in recent years that was as lackluster as grizzly bear. i'm sorry - they sing very pretty songs, but are totally, completely, utterly boring to watch play live. thems the breaks.

tv on the radio - the wrong way

catching the entire show on the 18th didn't help grizzley bear either - tvotr performed like a well oiled machine. wait, like a well oiled rock and roll machine. return to cookie mountain only continues to establish itself as the best release of '06 the more i listen to it, and the guys really brought the sucker to life on stage. while there was no singular moment during the performance that reached the epic heights i've seen them hit before (read: "dreams" at siren 2004), it was a fairly bulletproof showing. didn't hurt that the band rolled about 15 deep for the encores. or that karen o was standing next to me for the entire show.

tv on the radio - province

tv on the radio - satellite



sammy davis jr said...

gotta completely disagree with you on the GB front. They may not jump up and down, but the dynamics of their show were incredible. The drummer was visually interesting enough, and sonically I found it better than TV's set. That said, TV does put on a party and if that's what you are looking for in a show, then I guess your reaction makes sense.

sammy davis jr said...

ps. I'm fairly certain Karen O was not at the show

Speedrail said...

isn't it enough that someone who looked a lot like karen o was standing next to me?

point taken about GB, i was just expecting more because of the hype. can't like 'em all

Shy Violence said...

i saw tvotr out here a couple weeks ago, and although grizzly bear was not the opener for that leg i would have to say that topping them live is pretty damn hard to do. every time i have seen them they have put on a consistently rocking show.

Music Reviewer said...

I agree. Cookie is good. Love Cookie.

Anonymous said...

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