way over yonder in the minor key

kermit really stole the show on halloween

it's been a long time, i shouldn't a left you, left you, without a dope beat to step to.

what can i say? two weekends of out-of-town guests, working like a begrudging mule at my job, and i had to tend to my moustache. i can only hope that i regain some momentum (read: the discipline to wake up a little early and post). thems the breaks.

shitdisco - disco blood


went to the knife show at webster hall yesterday - definitely one of the best shows i've seen this year. they pulled off what the gorillaz failed to (when i saw them supporting the self-titled lp) and used projections, multiple screens, and lights to transform show into spectacle. i've been trying to think of a good analogy, and i think the closest i've come to is "laurie anderson meets bez".

highlights of the night included a stomping version of "we share our mother's health", a sexed up "heartbeats", and a rollicking "you make me like charity"

the knife - you make me like charity

full setlist from stereogum:

01. "Pass This On"
02. "The Captain"
03. "We Share Our Mother’s Health"
04. "You Make Me Like Charity"
05. "Marble House"
06. "Forest Families"
07. "Kino"
08. "Heartbeats"
09. "Silent Shout"
10. "From Off To On"
11. "Like a Pen"


there will be no excuse for missing this party at galapagos tonight. i'm going to avoid as much cmj nonsense as possible in the city and just go hear one of the most amazing electro lineups in recent memory. it'll also be a trip to see the mstrkrft guys spin at the same place that i've dj'ed a whole bunch of times.

the presets - are you the one (van she mix)

and, although not playing tonight,

the teenagers - fuck nicole (sluttt ketateen remix)



Shy Violence said...

i saw the mstrkrft guys open up for justice last night in SF and they were pretty fantastic. but that lineup looks like it might even be better.

Anonymous said...

fuck yes. thank you for posting "you make me like charity." most underrated song on that album ...

ribble said...

Shitdisco is amazing.

dast said...

I have to whole live concert of the knife... awesome quality... what can I do to give it to you?


Anonymous said...

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