new lace sleeves

john, on our way to trash, london, c. 2002

pretty crazy, but after 10 years erol alkan et. al have shut down their weekly trash parties in london. i spent a few months in london in 2002 and went there every single fucking monday. and it was amazing. managed to see: lcd soundsystem, suicide, gonzales, feist, midnight mike, etc etc etc all perform live. really my first intro to the indie disco scene. hypebeast, sure.

peaches - rockshow (live at trash)

yeah yeah yeah - our time (live at trash)


tonight i'll be rolling into the east village to kick it at lit for a minute, the bbc crew is bringing a little taste of their filthy filthy beats. always a pleasure. check out a set of theirs over at blentwell.


unrelated, but awesome:

tittsworth - georgia

the three amigos - the ballad of the three amigos


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JER said...

I've just found you via hypemachine - this is a great blog! Ta for all the nice songs

your girl got dicked by ricky powell