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today, in pictures:liz and i started off with a healthy breakfast, then visited some of our neighborhood pals:
i wanted to show her a new piece of graffiti that i like down in the g train stop. luckily, she had her metrocard at the ready:
i stand in front of this every morning on the way to work:

could be a lot worse, yeah?



Blaze said...

Haha I laughed :D

pelofanta said...


here is a fun from Madrid, where are u from, like your tracks

The Flip Flop Girl said...

Very rad blog. If I were to have only one music blog I'd keep up with, it would be this one. I like your style sense too. I probably should do more with my blog but it works well enough for me as it is for now. May I add you to my links when I get around to doing that? Anyways, my blog is not particularly concerned with music but I think I might try to incorporate music at some point.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell