sleepless nights #3

it's finally starting to feel like winter, and not a moment too soon. only problem is that now the drafty parts of the apartment are impossible to ignore. luckily, liz is something of a wiz with trash bags and duct tape. shitty windows are a form of "ducts", aren't they?


went to the launch party for the new balance superteam 33 pack. i rarely stray far from beaverton, but these are just gorgeous. premium materials, fun by restrained colorways, and retarded attention to details. based on three different fish, the leather has slits on the toebox to make it look like scales.

r.e.m. - nightswimming

ghostface feat. cappadonna, shawn wigs, and trife - jellyfish

para one - midnight swim (surkin remix)

and the soles are fresh as hell too:

the only downside? the release party was weak. don't advertise "free beers on tap" if you're actually going to offer bottles of bud light for $7 each. i don't have a problem with paying for booze, but i do have a problem with the bait and switch.

luckily we had stopped at superfine on the way


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pony said...

Thos New Balances are pretty fresh. Not to mention they are a truly comfortable sneaker! I might have to cop that.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell