where did you sleep last night

klaxons - golden skans (erol alkan remix)

after destroying our pumpkin, ashley was ready to go out.
but not before she and liz had one last dance.
in our "savalas is totally not that far" discussion, none of us realized that it was raining outside.but we made it there ok. which was good because the captain and the rest of the mad suspect crew were absolutely destroying it inside.
we danced.liz told josh secrets.
and molly wore bracelets.excellent time had by all. and then we walked home.
my bloody valentine - to here knows when



the captain said...

Thanks for coming bro! I had such a good time on Saturday! Wish every Saturday was like that.

Molly Rose said...

Wild and crazy nights are what we do best.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell