talk to me, dance with me

i'm going to be here, will you? not only did i have a fucking blast at element for the ed banger party, but druzzi, james fucking friedman and david b. kill it on the regular. see you there, i'll be wearing my new tshirt which has not received a very warm reception at work.

the rapture - w.a.y.u.h.

the rapture - love is all


if you haven't been recently, now is a good time to check out the always excellent slamxhype. they are currently conducting year end best-of questionnaires with streetwear luminaries from around the world. very interesting to see a split in opinion between the u.s., japan, and various euro locales. when will we stop sleeping on the air footscape wovens? for reals.


anyone get tickets to the arcade fire?


anyone remember this monster?

the aztec mystic - knights of the jaguar



Anonymous said...

There's a few great Rapture videos up at Greencard Pictures, a NYC production company I've done some work with - dunno if you've seen them before. Of course, it's His and Hers by The Rifleman that I can't stop watching, and I think we all know why...

Anonymous said...

I scored 2 tix to the thursday show. Honestly, I just got lucky b/c tickets.com sucks. Did you get tix?

Anonymous said...

Hey, guys. I think you used to link to my site here, because I link to you. Did you take me down?

dusty bottoms said...

go away link baby.

them sneakers are fuggles.

david. said...

knights of the jaguar! or if you're english, jaag-you-aaar.

swing by sin-e on saturday, i'll drop it.

thanks for coming out on Friday!

Missingtoof said...

that shirt is mad funnin'! i need to cop one of thems.

cullen stalin said...

This post seems incomplete without linking the Goodie Mob song "They Don't Dance No Mo'" - since i get the feeling a lot of the people who picked up the new Rapture joint didn't catch the reference; some may not even realize that Cee-Lo Green had a career long before Gnarls Barkley.

If you're not familiar with the song, i suggest you hit up your favorite song-provider (digital or otherwise) and check out Cee-Lo's show-stopping verse on it.

your girl got dicked by ricky powell