don't ever play with guns

continuing my week of celebrities, tim robbins was shooting something on 37th st last night. he was dressed in black and they were putting some kind of bondage straps / harness on him. seriously though, dude is like 7 feet tall. so big that i was worried he might kill me with his mind as i walked by.

uncle luke feat. trick daddy and jacki-o - move something

the pixies - gigantic

i got my new mishka tshirt in the mail yesterday - was able to snag the last "he's a whore" big black shirt they had in stock. go check out their shit, i'm really feeling the sonic youth "bull in the heather" shirt as well.

speaking of online purchases, i've gotten addicted to looking at stuff i can't afford on we sold out! a streetwear store with some vague ties to colette. they have lots of great , hard to find items like bbc x new era hats and the entire (i think) adicolor range of kicks and clothes.

ellen allien - i need no money to be rich

refused - new noise
(i was looking through my music trying to find a song about money or clothes or something and came across this guy. good way to start a thursday, no?)


Brennan said...

dude, that's not a picture of you, is it? you don't have any tattoos like that... or such muscular forearms.

Lady Liberty said...
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Lady Liberty said...

Happy Birthday disconotdisco!


your girl got dicked by ricky powell